Faux Pas Prints has a full service embroidery division. We have 36 heads of embroidery featuring four 6-head Brother embroidery machines, one 6-head Tajima machine, one 4-head Brother, and a 2-head Tajima machine. Our decision to get smaller machines was based on the fact that we wanted to keep our embroidery business as efficient as possible. This allows us to run smaller jobs or gives us the flexibility to run the same job on multiple machines.

How embroidery is priced:

Embroidery is priced by the quantity of stitches in a logo as well as the cost of the garment being embellished.

On normal embroidery jobs there are 2 costs.

  1. One time art fee for making logo embroiderable. $8.00 per thousand stitches. Most left chest logos are 7-8k stitches.
  2. Cost per item being embroidered including embroidery.

For embroidery art we can use jpgs for most logos. Detail and clarity of supplied logo may determine whether it is usable.

There may be shipping costs for embroidery jobs depending on size of the order as well as the product being embroidered.

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