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Screen Printing

Faux Pas Prints has been a full service screen printing company since 1993. We pride ourselves in having state of the art M&R equipment with the ability to print jobs of all sizes. With two automatics and 2 manuals we boast the ability to do 12 for a ball team, 72 shirts for restaurant employees or thousands of shirts for an event or festival. Our screen printing equipment consists of one 12-color M&R Sportsman automatic, one 8-color M&R sportsman automatic and two 6-color M&R Chameleon manual presses.

How are shirts priced?

When placing a screen printing order for the first time you will have three costs.

  1. Price per shirt. – Price can be determined by quantity of shirt order, type and brand of shirt (i.e. long sleeve vs short, pocket vs no pocket, cotton vs dryfit), colors of imprint on artwork, number of locations of imprint.
  2. Screens – screens are a per order fee. Screen costs are $15.00 per color per location for spot color jobs. 4 Color process and spot process screens are $20.00 per color. Screen costs are not a per shirt cost, but they are a per order cost.
  3. Artwork – Artwork is a one time fee as long as there are no changes. Changes consist of size of art, additional information in art (adding or changing phone number or website etc). If art is one color, for example white ink on black shirts, and you wanted to change the shirt color to white with black in that would not be considered a change. See below in Art Services to see how to supply art and charges. *Minimum orders may incur a shipping fee.

How do I order T shirts?

  1. First, you will need an idea or art concept that you want on a shirt, hat, towel or printable item. What is the theme of your art? Ie. Ball team, corporate outing, restaurant or company uniform etc. Your idea, or your artwork, can be as simple as one color or up to 12 colors.
  2. What features does your shirt need? Do you want a basic t shirt, pocket, long sleeve, tank top, sleeveless t, ringer t or fashion t? As you add features to shirts the costs goes up accordingly. 
  3. What color shirt do you want? White shirts are least expensive, followed by light colored shirts, with dark colors being most expensive.
  4. How do you want your shirt printed?
    • Full Front
    • Center Chest
    • Left Chest
    • Full Back
    • Pocket
    • Sleeve
    • Locker Patch

Turn around times for screen printing jobs is usually 10–14 working days. Rush orders are available and can come with a rush fee. 

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