Upload Artwork

Please provide the following information and then select your art files(s) for uploading. All fields are required. Please review the art requirements below before submitting artwork. When you are finished, click "Submit Artwork" at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Note: Please keep filename under 45 characters in length.

Please enter your Order# into the PO# box.

Vector Artwork

Vector artwork files must be saved up to Adobe Illustrator® CS3 or in EPS or PDF Vector files. All text fields must be converted to curves or outlines to prevent font substitutions. Include a proof of your design with color designations to confirm that no font substitutions have occurred. All objects must have at least a 1 pt line thickness to guarantee proper print quality. If the vector file contains any placed raster images, these images must meet or exceed our requirements for resolution when rendered at 100% of the final imprint size. Also, they must be submitted with the original vector file.

Raster Artwork (screenprinting only)

We will accept raster artwork files saved in a .tiff, Encapsulated Post Script (.eps) format, or an Adobe Photoshop® Document (.psd) up to Adobe Photoshop® CS3. For our purposes, all raster elements and art files must be saved at 100% of the final print size with a resolution of at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch).  Please keep in mind that most raster artwork may need to be recreated by our artists as vector artwork to achieve the best quality printing.

Note: ASI orders (promotional items) require vector artwork and will not accept raster images. Speak with your salesperson for more information.